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15/16 (2014)

Moldova: A Borderland's Fluid History 

edited by Diana Dumitru and Petru Negura, Chișinău


See a Facebook post written by guest editors Diana Dumitru and Petru Negura on Occasion of the parliamentary elections in Moldova, 30th November 2014, and their issue in Euxeinos (29 November 2014)

A forthcoming issue of Euxeinos - Euxeinos 17/ 2015 - deals with religions in contemporary Ukraine, date of release - February 2015. Guest editor - Catherine Wanner.

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ISSN 2296-0708

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Panel Discussion
Conflict in the Ukraine - Actors and Interests
Tuesday, 2 December 2014, 7 p.m.
Audimax, University of St.Gallen

NEW Euxeinos 15/16 (2014)
Moldova: A Borderland's Fluid History


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